NeuStart Psychiatry, a highly successful Salem based mental health clinic, has moved its clinic from downtown Salem to Oregon Realtors Plaza located at 2110 Mission St SE. 

“NeuStart Psychiatry is built upon a foundation of providing leading edge mental health services to help our client live their most fulfilling lives. Our services include counseling, psychiatry, and Trans

cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). We’re pleased to have found space that welcoming and spacious allowing our patients to heal” said Frances Robbins, One of NeuStart’s founders and practicing clinicians.

NeuStart was represented by Nick Williams and George Grabenhorst represented the landlord, Oregon Realtors Plaza, both of SVN Commercial Advisors in Salem.

“Our search for the right location for NeuStart took over a year, and I’m glad we were patient and found the perfect location. At SVN Commercial Advisors, we understand that the work we do is more than a transaction. If done well, our ability to advise our clients will lead to enhanced profitability for those we serve. It was a privilege to work with Frances, Keith, and the team at NeuStart Psychiatry” said Williams.